Our mission statement and values speak to our commitment to restoring function and improving the lives of people who live with neurological disorders.

This isn’t limited to physical function. Through our community outreach programs and advocacy support, we provide education, information and resources that aim to help improve function in many aspects of life. It also extends to how we function in, and contribute to, our local community.

One of our very first community programs, I Walk Because, gives a voice to our consumer communities, celebrating the strength, support and resiliency that is so evident in local Walk events. As part of this program, Acorda employees staff I Walk Because booths at events throughout the country and provide attendees with t-shirts to customize with messages about why and for whom they walk. I Walk Because also provides our associates with the opportunity to meet people in the communities we serve, and to learn more about the triumphs and challenges of those who live with neurological disorders, their families, friends and care partners. The stories that are so generously shared with us continue to resonate long after each Walk event ends, and provides a deeper sense of meaning and connection to Acorda’s mission and the work we do.

We recognize that neurological disorders may not just impact a person’s health or physical independence, but may also impact their financial independence. Programs like the Real Economic Impact Network, Creating a Zero-Balance Spending Plan and Financial Wellness Seminars are geared toward helping people restore their financial function, and gain more control over their financial health. These programs are run by the National Disabilities Institute with support from Acorda.

As a company developing innovative medicines, our foundation is science. To function at a high level and deliver new therapies, we depend on smart and dedicated researchers. Acorda is proud to support a number of initiatives that cultivate future scientists and spur interest among young people to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)-related fields. In 2014, Acorda and WFAS-AM partnered to launch the Acorda Scientific Excellence Award, which recognizes scientific research conducted by area high school students. Now appearing on WICC 600, award winners are selected weekly during the school year, and interviewed by award-winning radio host Lisa Wexler.

Acorda’s scientists serve as judges at the Westchester Science and Engineering Fair and we are a sponsor of the national BioGENEius Challenge, encouraging budding young researchers to pursue their dreams of scientific innovation.

Acorda supports a number of local programs at each of our locations. Through a variety of in-kind support, our office in Chelsea, MA has partnered with Citizen Schools in their mission to provide an expanded learning day, rich with new opportunities, to students in public middle schools in low-income communities. We also organize teams for local walk and bike fundraiser events each year, bringing friends and family along to share the experience and help raise money for research to fight MS and Parkinson’s disease.