Ron Cohen and Denise Duca

Denise Duca and Ron Cohen discuss Acorda’s unique culture. (Read transcript)

Denise Duca

Executive Vice President, Human Resources
Acorda employee since 2002

We certainly look for technical capability in the position that one is applying for—those skills are important. But we put just as much focus on cultural fit as we put on technical expertise. We look for people who have integrity, who are good communicators, who are innovative self-starters, who are enthusiastic and passionate, who can really roll up their sleeves and get involved in building a great company as members of a team. (Read transcript)

Maria Verastegui

Executive Director, Creative
Acorda employee since 1998

Most people with MS want to understand the science and how the drug works. Honest, impactful, meaningful communications. That’s what they can expect from my group and Acorda as a whole. (Read transcript)

Andrew Blight

Chief Scientific Officer Emeritus
Acorda employee since 1996

Recently, we’ve had the capacity to hire additional scientists. There’s been a bit of a mixture of homegrown and external scientists, but they have been captured by the excitement of working on projects that are unusual for a small biotech company in the fact that it is not based on any particular technology. (Read transcript)

Bill Dollard

Vice President - Technical Operations
Acorda employee since 2002

And so I applied for the job. It was doing research here on therapies for people with spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis—and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my life. I couldn’t believe it, to be honest with you. (Read transcript)