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We welcome the opportunity to hear from you and would like to share some basic guidelines that will allow each participant to learn from this community. We’ll do our best to talk candidly about the topics that are important to you, listen to your feedback, answer your questions, and be transparent about sharing information. We’ll provide our perspective, but we also deeply value and encourage your participation. We are glad you’re here. This page works because you contribute to the discussion and provide your perspective, and we appreciate your candid input. In addition to Facebook’s Terms of Use to which you are subject to, we need to be mindful that the biopharmaceutical industry is highly regulated and as such there are other “rules of the road” for this community about content. If your comments fall within the following categories or are otherwise outside of these guidelines, we may not be able to post or have to remove them.

If your comment discusses a product (ours or someone else’s)

Due to regulations regarding how we communicate about our treatments, we cannot discuss treatment on this page. This page is focused on sharing information about various neurological conditions, but not treatment with medication. Do not post comments – positive or negative – that reference treatment with medication or a pharmaceutical product from any company.

Your comment references a side effect, adverse event or product complaint

Please do not post comments regarding safety issues, side effects or product complaints on this page. If you experience any medical side effects or reactions (adverse events) from taking an Acorda product, you should immediately consult your physician, pharmacist or other healthcare professional. Please also contact Acorda by emailing us at drugsafety@acorda.com. Or you may contact the FDA at 1-800-332-1088 or visit www.FDA.gov/medwatch.

If your comment does include details of any side effects, adverse events or product complaints, in addition to removal, we may contact you to find out more information for proper reporting to the FDA.

If your comment offers or discusses medical advice

The Acorda Facebook page is not the right forum to seek information or advice about your medical condition or share medical information or advice with others. Given the personal nature of healthcare and the regulations that govern our industry, we cannot discuss an individual’s medical condition, give professional medical advice or allow others to post medical advice to the community. Please contact your physician or healthcare provider for the answers and medical advice you need. You can also visit advocacy group sites to get more information about a condition and discover other resources that may be helpful to you.

If the tone or content in your comment is inappropriate or off-topic

This is a public forum to nurture positive dialogue about science, health, and community wellness, and to share news and information about Acorda. Please be respectful and kind. Please refrain from using vulgar, libelous, defamatory, discriminatory or other inappropriate language, or make personal attacks of any kind. Any such posts will be removed. Any spam posts (this includes multiple iterations of the same comment left on the page or on multiple posts from the page and posts generated by bots) will be removed. Any posts violating copyright or intellectual property laws will also be removed. Users’ comments on this timeline are not represented or endorsed by Acorda.

If you have something off-topic you would like to discuss, please send us a direct message to address the topic.


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  3. From time to time this page may contain information related to various health, medical and fitness conditions and their management. Such information is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your healthcare team/professional. You should not use the information for diagnosing a health or fitness problem or disease. You should always consult your healthcare team/professional. Likewise, please refrain from posting information on the page that provides medical or other professional advice, nor do we provide such advice through the page

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Other considerations:

There may be other scenarios not explicitly spelled out on this page that may require us to remove a post. We will do our best to let you know why your post has been removed, and we’ll update these rules as new situations arise. You can also refer to Facebook’s Community Standards for more information.

Thank you for reading and abiding by the community guidelines; we appreciate your being a part of the Acorda community.

Thank you for reading and abiding to the social media community guidelines; we appreciate your being a part of the Acorda community.