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Maria Verastegui Transcript


[Maria Verastegui talking to camera while multiple images and videos of Acorda's marketing materials and events appear on the screen]


People with MS want to understand the science of the products that they're taking, how it's going to work, what it will do to their body, and most importantly, what they can expect from the product. At Acorda, we pride ourselves in creating materials and communications for our patients that have honest, meaningful and impactful information. One way in which Acorda is reaching out to the MS community is through a program that we call 'I Walk Because'. It actually has a website where people can go and celebrate the walks that have inspired them. They can upload videos, photographs and thoughts that they can share with loved ones. It's a community event, so we actually go to the walks and we participate with the community. It's a program that's brought a lot of meaning to the work that I personally do every day. I'm incredibly proud of that program to be able to be there for the community, to give them a place where they can share their thoughts, feelings and inspirations with us. And in return, we get that inspiration and it makes our work so much better.


[Cut back to Maria Verastegui speaking to the camera]


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