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Denise Duca Transcript


[Denise Duca talking to camera while multiple images and videos of Acordan’s working and interacting in an office, doing research in a lab, and from Acorda’s events appear on screen]


Acorda is in the business of changing lives, and it has also changed my life. For someone new to Acorda, it's important to be flexible, really build relationships in the organization and learn how our organization works. This company moves very, very quickly. We move at 200 miles an hour. It's constant change. Don't get frustrated by that. Embrace it. That's what it takes to change lives. I don't think there is anyone in this day and age who doesn't know someone that has MS, including myself. I have very close friends, two of them, that have multiple sclerosis. So just having an understanding of where this organization is going, getting this therapy into the marketplace, and hoping that my friends can benefit from it along with a bigger population with MS has just been an amazing journey for me.


[Cut back to Denise Duca speaking to the camera]


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