Please be alert to potential fraudulent recruiting efforts, such as when an individual that is not associated with Acorda seeks to make contact with you by pretending to be (impersonating) someone from Acorda. Impersonators could use our legitimate postings, or they could create fake postings on other job sites for these purposes. Take note of information provided directly by Acorda on this website to minimize the risk that you will be affected by such fraud. Acorda will never recruit you through social media or conduct interviews or make job offers in Google hangouts or other similar online forums. The Acorda recruitment process includes one or more interviews with a recruiter and/or hiring manager, which may be over the phone or in face to face meetings. Importantly, prior to your filling out a formal job application, Acorda will not ask for personal information other than basic contact details so that we can conduct an interview. If Acorda does ask for additional personal information, we will never do that through social media, online forums or via email, but rather will only do that through a formal application either online through the application portal on this website or in person at an Acorda facility. Also, at no time during the interview/recruiting process will Acorda ask for or provide any money or ask applicants to incur costs or expenses other than reimbursable travel incidentals. If you have encountered a job posting or been contacted about a job offer from someone that you suspect is impersonating Acorda, we strongly recommend you do not respond, send money, or provide personal information and we would encourage you to report your concerns to the appropriate authorities.